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Thread: Eagles in Homer...June/july??

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    Default Eagles in Homer...June/july??

    HI guys,

    I read a few posts on here about the famous eagle lady out of Homer. I was just wondering if I am visiting Homer from June 29th until the 2nd, will she be feeding those eagles then? If not, do the eagles visit anyways?


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    Default jean keene... the eagle lady

    jean is only permitted to feed the eagles from december sometime to april, i believe.
    there will, however, be plenty of eagles around when you are here. may be eaglets in nests that are visible from some spots... i'll keep my ears out.
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    HA HA!!

    Thanks again Dave! I wasnt sure. I think I read that she stopped in April but didnt know why. Well, little baby eagles will be cool to shoot. By shoot I mean take pictures of. Ive recently got a the 28-300 tokina with VC so that will come in handy.

    Let me know if you've got any sweet spots where I can take some pics from.


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    By that time late june/ early july alot of the eagles that have gathered there during the winter have dispersed to nest and seek out other food sources. There are still a few eagles skipping around on the spit, but most often they'll be hanging out on top of the harbor lights or some of the other buildings...not the best way to "shoot" an eagle

    You might want to check out the wynn nature center on E skyline dr. one of the naturalist might be willing to point you in the direction of some nests in the area???

    oh and the jean lady is crazy FYI.. best not try and approach her about eagles


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