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Thread: Jack Daniels and Jerky....MMMmmm

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    Default Jack Daniels and Jerky....MMMmmm

    I was suprised when I tasted this!

    This guy I know gives me a piece of jerky and asked can you tell me what the 3 ingredients are?

    So right away I said molasass, brown sugar and beats the crap out of me. Then he told me Jack Daniels.

    Sweet with no harseness to the meat.

    Mix 1/3 Cup of Molasass, 1/3 Cup of Brown Sugar and 1 Cup of Whiskey.
    (Marinate should cover meat if not make another batch)

    Marinate for at least 24-48 hours and dry as you normally would.

    Easy Jerky mix....If you mess it up just drink the whiskey and forget about it.
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    hey buddy your right on the lines of alchol abuse! all of the alchol would evaporate and that is abuse! shame on u!

    Semper Fi!


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