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Thread: 454 Casull Pop can protection loads.....

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    Default 454 Casull Pop can protection loads.....

    Hi there;
    I really like my 454 a lot, and shoot it quite a bit. But even the reduced loads published are nothing to sneeze at. I went through about 70 rounds of the stuff, H110 behind 250 grain jackets...I just wear out after a while.
    I was thinking of something like 5 grains of red dot behind 250 grain cast... Hank Jr. said something about 5 grains of red dot behind anything... but would rather ask around a bit before venturing off into R&D.
    I also noticed they have gone to large primers now, I assume these must be the rifle primers to handle the 454 loadings, does that call for reducing the maximum loads? I mean so far as a large rifle primer compared to a small rifle primer?
    Anyhow, it would be really nice to have some gallery loads to fight off pop cans without all the needless expense and racket, and save the good stuff for serious work. I'd love to plink along at 900 FPS... and really enjoy the pistol more as it is wonderfully accurate. I did shoot some of my cast stuff a while back and leading was an issue, but again I believe that burning the right powder in the correct quantities would completely eliminate it. I was using more loads right outta the book, still too hot I think.

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    Try the trail boss loads.

    I am liking the trail boss in the 41 mag and especially my 500 S&W rifle.
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    Hi there;
    Thanks Mr. Miller! I will see if there are any Trail Boss loads other than the IMR site, but I am not afraid to start out with the 45 long Colt loading. This must be a flake powder, it appears to be tolerant of capacity looking over all the cartridges and various loads, just what the doctor ordered.
    Do you believe that Stainless Steel is any more susceptible to leading than the more common blued chrome moly steels? Some say yes, some no. I brought in a few tubes of Lyman Super Moly Bullet Lube for my next batch as none of the shops around here had any and think this too may be a help. I want to avoid the additional tedium of gas checks or patches if possible and would rather purchase plated or jacketed if I can't eliminate the leading issue.
    Anyhow, thanks for putting me on to Trail Boss, it may just solve all the problems in one fell swoop. I'll let you know how it works out.

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    Default Sixgun Loading

    This forum is a good place to ask around for this type of load, but if you wana get serious about sixgunning, go on over to the sixguns forums and see what they have to offer.


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