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    I've had a wood long bow for target shooting that the string has gone bad on, a friend made it for me a couple of years ago and I have since lost touch with him. I was wondering what type of string I should uses as the bowstring and where can i get it.

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    on a wooden bow i would use a B50 flemish string. you can either buy the string or buy dacron B50 and make it yourself. 3-rivers has both (don't know if it's ok to name them here. if not, moderators please remove name)

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    I'm out of town right now but if you're in no hurry I can build you one when I get back. Wont cost you anything. If you can get me the length of the original string that'd be best. Or if ya like come on up to Fbks and I can teach you how to build, even better. It's easy!

    Or you could buy one.

    I do believe there is a person in chugiak who builds. Talk to Brian Stewart at Straight flight in Anch, he knows her....I for the life of me cant remember her name.

    If you need it my email is dont plan on being back in Fairbanks till the end of may.


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