Hi guys,

have a look at this one:

The front sight is illuminated by LED so You could shoot underr he most adverse light conditions

Source of information: www.titanium-gunworks.com

in the dark it looks like that - You could see that red spot from the LED light:

Simple exchange versus existing open sight with a number of sporting firearms like Blaser R93 / Sauer 202 / Mauser M03, and many more...
With all other firearms: mounting via a prodruding bolt (to be fitted by gunsmith if necessary).
Battery lasts about 10-12 hours
Sight is height adjustable
Redundancy: to be used like any other ordinary sight at low battery
Model Day&Nightfire:
o during daylight hours passive, light orange-red bead without LED usage
Model Classic:
o no red light reflexes if an additional scope is used

It is realy spectacular when shooting in the dark and bad light conditions (foggy weather) with the sight. Without battery it works just like a normal sight and with the "Day&Nightfire" edition it works like any other fiber sight in the daylight itself...

Have a look yourself!