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Thread: Ship Creek stairs!

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    Default Ship Creek stairs!

    I was down on the creek yesterday and talking to welders who are putting in 2 sets of stairs into the creek. These stairs are on both sides of the creek, upstream of the railroad trestle and run from the improved footpath down to the stream bed (gravel).

    This is going to be a godsend for getting in and out of the creek at low tide. While you won't be able to jump right in the creek and wade up and down on gravel all the time (it flows pretty fast on the bend where the stairs are), you will be able to clean yourself off at the bottom of these stairs and then completely exit the creek without getting all muddy again.

    The other thing they've done right there is line the south side bank with new rock. On the outside bend of the creek where it turns to go under the trestle, there are now large rocks. That used to be a big mudbogging area that was very hard to get in and out of. It's narrowed the creek a little.

    In general, the creek looks unchanged from last year with the channels and mud islands about where they were, but the tide was in up to the new driving bridge and I couldn't get a good look at the lower river.

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    Thanks for the update. How bad has the channel changed this year?
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