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Thread: Piper Colt advice

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    Default Piper Colt advice

    I'm looking at buying a Piper Colt just for training and building some flight time. What can you guys tell me about this plane for that purpose? I know it was built mainly for use as a trainer. Any thoughts about it not having flaps? Should that be much of a concern? As soon as I get more hours built and cash in line I'm looking to step up to a 170 or so. Any advice about this plane would be helpfull.


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    Default piper colt

    Was there a specific reason that you decided to go with a piper colt? I dont know much about the colt. In my humble opinion the Cessna 150 might be a better choice as far as a cheep time builder. The 150 has flaps, metal instead of fabric, and you can find them for under $15,000.

    A tri-pacer might be good too. 4 place. cheap. I seen one on Merrill for like $16,500 all last summer. And a tri-pacer you can convert to tailwheel and put a bigger engine in later on.

    Just remember that once you get your pilots license friends come out of the wood work to get a ride in your plane.

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    Default Sounds good...

    Short wings, low power. I would recommend that exact way of training. You'll dang sure learn to respect the winds and DA. I think you will learn to FLY with something like that instead of cobbing the power as a cure for everything. Of course, they aren't worth much, so don't pay much.......
    Fly safe.

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    Default N4720z Pa22-108

    I bought her when I 35 hours TT, gave $7500 for her from a retired Brannif captian here in Anchorage. That was 1989. In three years I put over 400 hours on that bird flyng out of Anchorage to the Ak peninsula, south east, Mcgrath, Gulkana and most places inbetween.

    Killed Bou, fish, bears & bugs all to numorous to count. Sand blows, gravel bars, dirt roads & an occasional runway.

    Sold it when the motor started making metal and she was repowered with a 135 and now lives in Colorado.....

    Does it sound like I miss that little bird? You are darn right... I'd give both of my nuts and two fingers to have a Colt again..... but then again I want one for $7500, and I want gas and the cost of ownership to be back where they were in 1989 too...

    A Colt is a Rag Wing Piper.... a 150 is a Spam Can...


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    The reason for the Colt is that I'm looking at it this weekend. Cheap flyer and I've been looking here in Ak and just don't really see that many planes out there. I'm buying it for my company to train about 4 to 8 co-workers. Again it's only for training. I'll dump it after I have hours and ready to sit in a 170 or so.

    I think the Colt is a tri-pacer without the rear seat and window. Same airframe.

    More comments please, keep them coming.


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