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Thread: Riding pain

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    Default Riding pain

    I have not rode a bike in years and last week I rode with a buddy about 10 miles round trip and the next morning I could not feel my outer left thigh it was numb. Went to the doctor and I was told that the nerve that runs between the muscle in my thigh had been pinched. I was told that it would take a couple of weeks before the feeling came back. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem before? Its been almost two weeks and it is still numb. Also will this come back if I continue to ride and how long will it take to get the feeling back? Thanks for everything!

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    I've never had that happen. Usually I hurt when I start riding. But I have heard that bad seats cause problems with pinched nerves. I wouldn't trade the seat I have for anything. My $.03 (due to inflation)
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    I'm still using the hard leather saddle from my Delrosia touring bike because almost every other one I've tried gives me problems.
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