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    Thumbs up Petersville

    This was our first trip to Petersville and it was a blast. Snow was pretty good but not much in the way of powder. The last parking lot was full yet we saw only a handful of riders. We played on the machines for a good 4-5 hours, took a short break at the Forks Roadhouse then went back out to ride, by the end of the day we were totally exhausted. We stayed at Kenny Creek lodge and really enjoyed the place, the beer and the food. Accomodations were excellent, clean and well kept, can't wait to go back. You could ride for days out there and never ride the same place twice. We rode a little on Sunday but had to head back to get ready for work today. While eating some lunch at the lodge it started snowing again, if the temps don't rise the riding should still be excellent.

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    Went out to Safari Lake yesterday. I was surprised how deep the snow is. Only a few spots where you could see any free water on some of the side creeks. Rock solid base, even in the trees. Fantastic spring sledding.
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    Bob and Sylvia are top notch people and provide a great service. If your not looking to party it up its a great place to stay!
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