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Thread: Vestibule for a Cabelas Alaskan Guide Model Tent

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    Default Vestibule for a Cabelas Alaskan Guide Model Tent

    I need a vestibule for a Cabelas Alaskan Guide Model Tent. I have one about 3 years old and it did not come with one. I cannot find one - I can find the adaptor that puts two tents together but I cannot find just a vestibule for a 4 man.

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    go to their website - they have an online help line. via the web or call the 800 #

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    I have a Deluxe model from an older 6-man tent that will not attach to the new models and might consider parting with it. Shoot me a PM and lets talk. It has been used as part of my rental packages and the tent blew its zippers and was retired.

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    I have tried everything, called all stores, called Cabelas etc - they do not have any vestibules. Does anyone possibly have one or know where I can get a vestibule?

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    I have the 8-man tent and love it with the detachable 7'x10' vestibule, which I can use as a kitchen/storage garage.

    I don't think they make them anymore. I think they now just make them with an attached, smaller vestibule. You would have to find a used one at this point I think.


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