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    Default Forest service cabins

    Hello me, my dad and another friend want to come up on a self-guided black bear hunt in SE alaska like near ketchikan or prince of whales and I am woundering if anyone has ever used the forest service cabins if there are any better than other or better for bear hunting or just general info on them?

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    Default This should help a bit

    I have never hunted that area so cannot recommend anything specific but here are some sites that should give you some good general information on what is available.

    Hope this helps...

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    Default Transportation?

    Well it depends on your transportation really, how do you plan to get to the cabin?
    Most of the cabins are fly in or boat in. I have hunted from some of the cabins but I have found a much higher success rate by just sleeping on my boat. You will see most of your bears later in the evening and I found that all the time I was spending making my way back to the cabin I could be hunting. Alot of the cabins are used regularly and the bears tend to shy away from them. All of the cabins I have stayed in are nice. My dad came up last year and we stayed in one, no luck hunting but he really enjoyed it.

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    Find me in 6 weeks I am staying on POW end of May for bear in a FS cabin, buddy is also going this fall.

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    I would like to fly ino one just to maybe get away further I'm a non-res so I don't have a boat or anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowbearman View Post
    I would like to fly ino one just to maybe get away further I'm a non-res so I don't have a boat or anything?
    That's what transporters are for. Find a licensed transporter who's also a charter business, and you can explore the options from there.

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    Thumbs up Cabins

    I have stayed in several Forest Service cabins in South East. They are rustic....but very serviceable. One thing I would advise is.... take stove oil even if it says it has a wood stove. I have arrived at cabins thinking there was to be a wood stove only to find out it had been changed to oil even though the information had not been updated. Being without heat for 7 days was a drag. But still much better than a tent.
    You certainly can find someone to fly you into these cabins there are many pilots that do this all over South East.
    As for the'll find em..........less you stay inside all the time.

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    Default Forrest Service cabins in SE

    One of my favorite cabins to stay at is Allen Pt. cabin located on Halleck Island located about 15 miles North of Sitka by boat. Nice country. I was there last December on a deer hunt and saw bear scat in several places. However, you can expect to do some pretty stiff hiking/climbing to get up to good hunting areas. The cabin itself will sleep six people comfortably. You will need to bring fuel for the stove. they took out the wood stove several years ago. found that out the hard way. Good luck and happy hunting.

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    Default Allen point cabin

    Please consider that on Baranof island where Allen point cabin is there are only Brown Bears.

    Also in December the bucks are lean and less-than-desirable.

    Climb some mountains in August and get em while fat and happy!

    POW, Mainland,Kuiu,Mitkof, or any other rock inbetween other than the ABC's will produce the black bears your after. Go get em!

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    Default blackies

    I would hunt POW or Kuiu for blackies. Stay away from the ABC's (admiralty, baranof or chichagof) only brownies there and a guide required for non res. Send me a PM with some info on what you want to do and hopefully I can give you some info/ideas.


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