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Thread: My first spring Black Bear hunt

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    Default My first spring Black Bear hunt

    I am going on my first spring blackie hunt up the Yetna (mid to end of May). We are taking a Zodiac and staying in Tents. Planning on floating most of the time. I would like any and all advice that you guys would have for a newbie.

    What is the river like in May?
    Do you recommend wearing hip boots/chest waders while floating?
    Any specific gear that you recommend?

    I know this is kinda vague, but I am just trying to absorb as much info as possible.


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    Default Waders

    I don't know about float hunting for bear but I have done several float hunts for moose and my suggestion is waist high waders. If you need to (and you will) they are good to hunt in. They keep parts dry that hip boots won't. Make sure they fit well (I use stocking foot with Xtra Tuffs over them) and you can walk well in them.

    I'm still wearing out my neoprene waders but my next ones will be breathable.


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