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Thread: Child Carrier pack??

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    Default Child Carrier pack??

    Well I am looking for the best pack for carrying our 1 y/o on the trail. I am hoping to find one that will allow the misses to haul the little one along with his required gear and a few items for herself. Most of the packs I have found seem to only have room for the baby.
    Before anyone gets on me about wanting the wife to haul the baby and some of her stuff I am planning on useing my barneys pack to haul the rest of our gear for day trips and my 4 and 5 y/o boys when they get tired.

    If anyone has found a good pack for backpacking with a baby and some gear I appreciate your input!

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    Default sportsmans...

    has a good selection of the kelty packs. I have one for my wife. You can buy modular pouches for them or different styles with additional storage. They are sturdy and support the back well. One year olds can get heavy!

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    I tried the Kelty packs (06 model year) and did not like the way they fit. I had it for a few months and returned it to REI. I then purchased the REI Piggyback pack and it fits much better. It is also easier to take a toddler in and out of.

    REI also has a great selection of "kid packing packs". In defense of Kelty I think their new packs have been redesigned. ???
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    I have the Kelty backcountry model and it has been many miles with two kids. Great variation in Kelty models. You have to pay for the good one.

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    We used to have one where the baby was facing you. That was nice because it was easier to make sure that they weren't too cold or feeding too many mosquitoes and stuff. With that setup you could use a regular backpack for your other stuff.

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    Default Sherpani

    I have tried these and they are so comfortable, the regular rumba sounds like it would work better for you then the superlight. they are very adjustable so both you and the Mrs. could where it. Check Ebay they are a little cheaper on there.
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    Kelty did redesign their kid carriers, should have new products out this summer. I use a Sherapani kid carrier that I picked up from the REI Garage sale last summer. My two year old loves it and I have taken her on 10 mile hike with it.

    Jason B

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    LuJon, keep an eye on steepandcheap. They've had a couple on there in the past week. Great deals on various models.


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