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    My 14year old daughter will be atending the hunters safety class tomorrow night, and I have lost the directions to the gross ridge place does anyone know how to get there. And can the parents stand by and give helping hands. Thanks alot
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    Don't know if this is what you are looking for. I took my hunter ed with my girlfriend had "Grouse Ridge" and he is a map that their website has. As far as I understand other parents that wanted to sit in when I took it the instructors had no problem with it.

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    When I went to Grouse Ridge last year there was no sign for Tex AL Drive where it intersects the Wasilla - Fishhook Road. Hopefully it is back up now.

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    Parents can stay and sit with their kids/students. I'll be there teaching tonight. The class sounds like it will be pretty full but we try to keep it interesting.....


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