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    I would like your thoughts on neutering a male GWP. What could be the effects beyond the obvious. He is now 10 mos. old. We have no problems now. It is just a consideration. Also we have no plans to stud him later.

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    According to my breeder and confirmed by my vet, you shouldn't neuter a large breed dog until they are at least 12 months old. It is thought that doing so sooner disrupts important hormone levels in the growing pup, which may contribute to health problems later in life. My breeder specifically recommended neutering between 12 and 16 months.

    It's not guaranteed medical science, but I've yet to find any information that this line of thinking is wrong or harmful in any way. However, there is information out there that not neutering actually increases the risk of many cancers down the road. So, if you're not going to stud, then the best bet is to go ahead and neuter within a couple months after his 1 year birthday.
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