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Thread: Canvas boat cover repair place?

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    Default Canvas boat cover repair place?

    Anyone know of a good one in or near Anchorage? A friend need some tears in his cover fixed. Thanks.

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    Default Canvas repair

    I hear "Busters" off of 5th and Reeve do a pretty good job.

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    Busters. He does great work. Very high quality. Worth every penny

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    Default I always recommend Busters as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowwolfe
    Busters. He does great work. Very high quality. Worth every penny
    I've had several of my customers put Buster's custom tops on their Alaska Ranger Inflatable sport boats. They have all been real happy with his work. I've also worked real close with Buster during the Anchors away boat shows over they years. He's a stand up guy. He'll do what he says and stand behind his work.

    Jim King
    Alaska Series Inflatable Boats,
    Commercial quality at Wholesale prices
    River Rafts, Catarafts, Inflatable Kayaks, Inflatable Canoes, Inflatable
    Sport Boats, Inflatable Jet Boats, Tenders and Dinghies.
    (907) 248-2900
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    Silver Streak Boats behind West Marine on Dimond Blvd. is also a good place for canvas repair work. Good quality work and reasonable turnaround time.

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    Default Top Repair

    Talk to Ben or Ben Jr. at Silver Streek Boats behind West Marine. I have been letting Ben work on my boat for 10 Years...from complete new top to engine and jet work. They are GREAT


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the replies. I'll pass on the information.


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