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Thread: Tok Management Unit Governors sheep tag auctioned off in Salt Lake

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    Default Tok Management Unit Governors sheep tag auctioned off in Salt Lake

    I attended the Utah Foundation for North American Wild Sheep fund raiser banquet last night (4/12/08) in Salt Lake City Utah where the Governors tag was auctioned off to the highest bidder at $17,000.00. The ADF&G officer their who presented the tag explained that the money raised would go towards a new dedicated sheep biologist for, I believe he mentioned, southern part of Alaska. The officer also mentioned that two years ago this permit auctioned off at Eastern FNAWS for just over $22,000.00 and that last night was the second highest the permit had been auctioned off to his knowledge.

    On a normal year without all of the economic upheavals I would have anticipated that the tag would have sold for well over 25k but things are getting tight in the lower 48. Desert bighorn sheep tags that would have sold for about 65k where averaging 35K with a Baja Mexico premium hunt for desert bighorn sheep going at 22k. The highest bid was for a Utah Rocky Mountain Bighorn at 55K. Prices in Canada have double due to the current price of the dollar being in the basement not many hunts sold up there at this banquet.

    Just thought you may want to know.......Bigmnt

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    Default Chugach Gov's Tag for '08

    I attended the '08 GSCO convention and watched the Chugach Mt Dall Sheep Gov's tag auction go for $80,000.00. I had an interesting conversation with Soudy who has purchased two of the Gov's tags to date and had planned to bid on the '08 tag but was not there when the auction was held.


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