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Thread: Silver fishing the Kenia peninsula

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    Default Silver fishing the Kenia peninsula

    Hi everyone
    I'm tentavily planning a trip to the Kenai peninsula in early to mid Aug of '09. I have a rough plan worked out and I was hoping I could get some suggestions. I hope to catch a crimson red for the wall, maybe spend a day in Hope fishing for pinks and chum, and spend most of my time fishing for silvers. I'll be flying into Anchorage and renting a small RV then head to the Russian to fish for reds. Then head south and try deep creek, Nilnilchik, and the Anchor for the silvers. I also thought about heading to Homer to fish but it sounds very crowded.
    Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions on places I can walk in to get away from the crowds (I don't mind walking long distances) or a fly out trip?

    Thanks any input is greatly apreciated

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    Default Early for silvers...

    While the red fishing should be great on the Russian and upper Kenai in your timeframe... Silver fishing is a bit early the first two weeks of August.. They are available on southern Pennisula streams... Be prepared to work for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesy74 View Post
    I hope to catch a crimson red for the wall,

    Thanks any input is greatly apreciated
    A crimson red while a beautiful fish is lousy tablefare. What would you think about taking a picture, measurements and letting the fish spawn? Then contact your taxidermist and request a fiberglas reproduction?

    I think that your plan is sound, if a bit early for the great silver fishing. Though trolling in Seward in early August is the best! Silvers are available in the Kenai, but it takes a bit of persistence. '09 is not a pink year, so this ads to the quality of the silver fishing (quantity of catching during pink years!!!).

    You are doing very well by planning this far in advance... there is so much to do and yet so little time.

    Good luck and keep asking questions, the end result will be a trip of a lifetime.


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