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Thread: Outboard question for a PWS boat

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    Default Outboard question for a PWS boat

    Soliciting advice....

    Hey there, I'm new to the board and to PWS. I just bought a 21' Reinell cuddy cabin cruiser. It has an mercruiser with a volvo outdrive. They are both suitable for an anchor. I have the ability to build a stout transom extension for an outboard however im on a stringent budget.

    I was looking at a 150hp outboard, How badly could i go wrong with a 2-stroke mercury 91' - 96':
    on Reliability and Fuel consumption

    Thanks ver much...

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    Default Out Board Size

    I had a 21ft Bayliner with a 125 Force and it was really under powered. I upgraded to a 200 hp Suzuki which really made it perform great but was poor on fuel performance. I put a 175 Mariner on the same boat it gave me good fuel mileage and good performance. These engines where all 1987 to 1989 models. The weight of your boat is going to be a big factor as your engine must have the ability to get it up on plain and maintain a good cruise speed. My guess is the 150 single will not be enough motor to handle the weight of the boat.

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    I assume it is heavy deep V boat, you will want a quite a bit more power I would think. If you are only going with you, yourself, and you, then it might work ok. If it is a light flat bottom boat, 150 should be plenty. By light, I am talking less than 3000 pounds.

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    i just looked to see what size motor usually comes with that size cuddy. they range from 200hp to 250hp on the ones that are for sale i would write the company and ask there suggestion. i know it is not pleasant to drive a boat that is underpowered and takes forever to get on step. been there done that. borrowed a boat that was set up with no input from anyone and it never would get on step. not a nice ride it just plowed the water. if you have a borderline motor and say you get alot of fish or have company out fishing it would make it underpowered and make the engine work way to hard to be reliable, if the weather turns and you have to make a run for it would you want an under powered boat? is it safe? ask manufacturer of there recommendations. they built it so they should have the best idea. just my thoughts. jeff

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    Default Bigger

    I agree with the safety idea. I was once coming back into passage canal in the fog and came face to face with Princes Cruises! Power worked for me and I got out of the way and out of the wake.

    Spending a few extra $$$ is worth the sanity it buys.

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