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Thread: Nancy Lake Canoe Trail Cabins

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    Default Nancy Lake Canoe Trail Cabins

    The wife and I are looking at staying at some of the cabins on lynx lake. How is the canoe trail getting to that point? Are there any bad portages, or just an average hike.

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    Default stay east

    There are some hairy portages on the western side of the loop with lots of exposed tree roots and up to a quarter mile I believe. James Lake is just 1 land and 1 water portage away from Lynx, has a PU cabin, and has a lot less traffic. But there are definitely more pike in Lynx from my experience.

    Have fun

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    I did the Nancy lake canoe portage last year. It was a very nice and relaxing trip, we went slowly and enjoyed the sights, spent the night in one of the cabins at lynx lake. Now there is one portage longer than most due to the pond being dried up. So, I would suggest going to the west most southern portage first. This will lead you to that pond, We just hike around it and put in at the next lake. After that everything else was pretty decent. Now since I carried the canoe by myself and made a second trip for the gear (both weighing about 65 lbs) while the wife manage the boy and dog and help out with the little things (not griping about it) just letting you know, if you are doing it the same way, hitting the longer portage first will make a big difference. The only other problem we had was finding the cabins on Lynx lake, the lake was bigger than I expected but long story short the cabins are to the south past the large pennisula located on the east side of the lake in a small cove. If I remember correctly the signs are about 1x1 foot with a small dock beside it, and they are up the hill. Enjoy your trip.

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    Sounds like a great trip. I went ahead and reserved for a June weekend. Hopefully it will be a good time and the ponds won't be dry. Thanks for the inputs.

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    I stayed in Lynx lake cabin #2 last year. There is one long portage on both sides of the trail. We came in one side and and left by the other. In front of the cabin there is a bay and a small island. The island is only 1-2' above the water. We had great success on both the bay and the island for pike. One word of warning though, Lynx lake is not as quiet as some of the others. There is private land on the lake and motors are allowed on boats, So it might not be as quiet. Also N Lynx Lake Rd runs about 100-150 yards behind the cabin. Cars, float planes and 4 wheelers can break the peace at the cabin but if you paddle to one of the other lakes you will have good fishing and less noise.
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