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Thread: Using a spinning rod with a fly

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    Default Using a spinning rod with a fly

    I adore the Kenai, love its beauty and most importantly its fish! That being said I am no fly fisherman, but would like to use flys on light spinning gear. Last year I incidenatlly caught and released 3 trout on 1 drift from the beginning of Skilak lake to the cabin/canal areas above Bings-

    All of those trout were caught on a Russian River fly (red) (27,14, and 6 inches) My dad also caught a 20 inch dolly on the same fly.... We were later told this is rare and witnessed others using some other type of fly or worm to catch trout cast after cast.......

    Does anyone have reccomendations for what flies are effective?


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    Default It depends on the time

    Of the year. Early in the year I like to use leeches, smolt patterns, alvins things along those lines. As the season progress's the switch to beads and leech's have always been great, More into the late fall flesh patterns have been very good to us. Im just one of those guys who has a half dozen of everything and will throw the hole box at fish untill i find something that works. Some days im the windshield, somedays im the bug.
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    Yes you can use flies on you spinning rod. I would look for flies tied without weight. Woolyworms, Bunny leaches, muddlerminnows and egg patterns.

    Rigging them, get a three way swivel that has a surgical tube on one side. This will take the proper size pencil lead which you will need a few sticks of. You can cut these with you pliers with ease. Attach this to the snap swivel and on the free eye attach an 18 inch leader, piece of mono then to the fly you wish to use. Cast it quarter up stream and keep you rod at about a fortyfive degree angle tip up. You will need just enough lead to feel/watch the tip bounce and just work it through the hole many times and trying many different approaches and you will not be dissapointed.

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Articulated joy

    many coneheaded and barbell eyed bunny leeches can be thrown on spinning rods with 8 or ten pound test. Huck em out like a jig and drift them for the first two thirds then let them swing...just like when flyfishing.

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    There are ways too fish a dry with spinning gear too.
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