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Thread: UV: Time to buy new tackle?

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    Lightbulb UV: Time to buy new tackle?

    Ok so are all the new hoochies and flashers in UV ultraviolet the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread or is it just marketing selling us fishermen the "Emperor's new clothes"?

    I live in Juneau...

    I fish a lot and can only say that for certainty some years there is definately a hot color/set up and it changes from year to year. Last year I fished UV stuff and found my best was a blue and black non uv hootchie.

    Each area like Sitka, Hoonah, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Elfin Cove etc. has specific hot setups and colors.

    Any diehards or swearby UV fishermen outhere? Non-uv holdouts?


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    We picked up some UV gear at the end of June. I really like to fish hootchies so once I heard about UV hootchies I got just enough of them to try UV on one side of the boat and non-UV on the other. Unfortunately we couldn't find a very wide selection colors in UV in Juneau at the time. Anyway, we would rotate through the available colors until we found the one that worked for that day (usually a shade of green) and then made sure we had the same color pattern numbers on both sides. My logbook tells me that (on the days I was keeping track, anyway) the non-UVs in "old stand-by colors" caught a little better and a couple of days they caught everything.

    This testing was nowhere near as "scientific" as I would have liked because of the shortage of both Kings and Coho in our area to fish on in 2007. My UV flashers worked just about exactly the same as those without UV. But then, some of my commercial troller friends said that last year they were convinced that the UV flashers (Purple Haze) and hootchies worked better for them out on the Ocean. I am still not convinced UV makes a lot of difference. We plan to do more UV testing this year. ;-)

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    The amount of people getting into the UV Craze is over 50%. In the Puget Sound the craze is going strong. Same story in California, B.C. Canada and the Great Lakes. My flashers in UV count for about 60% of total sales. Stop by Western Auto Marine in Juneau this weekend and see for yourself.


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