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Thread: $25 Bear Tag, How does it work??

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    Default $25 Bear Tag, How does it work??

    If you buy a $25 brown bear tag for 2007, is it good till June 2008?
    Or do you have to buy a new one for Jan-June 2008, if you fill it in the spring, then for the new reg year July 2008, can you buy another tag for the fall and spring of 08 -09? Since you are allowed one bear per reg year lets say. Not talking about one every 4 year.
    So can you buy 2 bear tags in one cal year, or does the one tag carry over?
    Hope this is not to confusing.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Nope. Tags are good for a calendar year, but the bag limit is based on a regulatory year. Your '07 tag is no longer valid, even though you can still harvest a griz for the 07/08 regulatory year. If you're planning a spring hunt in an area that requires residents to purchase a griz tag then you need to buy a new one.


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