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Thread: Bike Travellers need ride(s) ANC-Prudhoe bay early july

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    Default Bike Travellers need ride(s) ANC-Prudhoe bay early july

    Hi all Alaskans,

    Not really a mountainbike question, though I hope you might be able to help out.
    we (Dutch guy and Argentinean GF) are going to start our bicycle trip (from Alaska to Argentina) early July.
    We are planning to arrive in Anchorage around the 7th July, will stay a few days and then want to head up so we can start at Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse.

    We are looking for rides:
    - Anc - Fairbanks & Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, around the 10th July.

    We have two loaded bicycles (4 panniers each), so we need some space, but they can fit in a truck.
    I can drive if needed and we can share some gas costs if needed. I have plenty of stories to tell as well, have climbed the 7 summits, including beautiful Denali twice.

    Tips welcome as well!
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default As odd as it may sound...

    Try posting the question on the "hunting" or "bowhunting" sections on this forum (closer to the top). There are a lot of people that head up to the haul road to hunt all summer. Usually, they are driving trucks so they can backhaul meat if they get anything. It may not get you 100% of the way there, but could get you most of the way.

    Good luck. I would love to find enough free time (without going broke in the process) to take a trip like that.

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    Default Place to stay.

    If you need somewhere to stay (for free) in Anchorage, send me a PM. My friend should have his room done by then.


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