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    My goodness son! You have been posting on this forum for 5 hours straight! What? Your T.V. broke?

    Since you don't do PM's and you like your cards on the table then I'll honor your wishes.

    On behalf of all of us regulars to this forum who have discussed shooting topics in a civil manner for a couple of years now. I suggest that you put your ego in your pocket! Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean that there comment was beyond stupid!

    Your knowledge is obvious but so is your attitude! If you keep posting as though your answer is the final answer on every topic then you'll soon find that no one will respond to your posts! I promise!

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    Interesting, more or less.

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    Big Stick



    My ego is intact,but experience has been the only thing offered thus far. Stupidity is relative and subjective to the end user,just because you are stumped...doesn't mean anyone else is and that'd be well substantiated via fact.

    I've the luxury of not guessing,try it sometime....................
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    Well said EKClone...had you not I would have. I second every one of your points.

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    Big Stick you would argue with a fence post... go find one!

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    Sorry fellas, but nothing good is going to come from this thread. There have already been a number of rule violations. Closing this one down...


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