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Thread: Polaris Ranger 4X4 or 6X6

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    Default Polaris Ranger 4X4 or 6X6

    I'm getting ready to buy a Ranger 700. I'm having a battle trying to decide if I want to go with the 4X4 or the 6X6. I'm getting every accessory possible and money is no object! (my wife is allowing me this purchase one time only, so i gotta get it right the first time!) Can you guys tell me which one you think is better and why? I'm not a hot rodder, and just like to get out and ride all day, or days.

    Also, which accessories are the best? I notice several different types of each peice on the 'build your own maching' website polaris has.

    Right now I'm quoting the freedom cab, chain saw rack, spare fuel can rack, tool box, larger tires if I go with the 4X4, back rack for bed, heater, stereo, light bar, front, rear, and side brush guards, mutli-winch, and I think some other things I can't seem to remember right now.

    I'm quoting through Homer Saw and Cycle.

    Any thoughts or insights would be very much appreciated.
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    Default Ranger 700 XP


    We bought one last year from Polaris Junction in Delta.. You may want to give them a chance to bid.. We also got everything.. We really like it, we put the baby seat in the center and it rides all three of us comfortably..

    Beware though i spent about 500-700 on accesories that I couldnt use after my hard cab was installed.. so just dont make the same mistake.. IE:

    I have mudrunners on ours and with those and the "Freedom" hard cab the "Extreme" front brush guard, extensions and nerf bars are not compatible.. because of that I had to sell them. so dont go "Extreme"

    We have the freedom cab - we really like it but have had a couple small issues with it..
    (1) only comes with (1) wiper - so if you want two you need to order extra one.. and they seem to be hard to get to work in sequence.. but they're better than not having any at all..
    (2) a crack has developed in one of the doors that I need to see if its covered by warenty.. i think one of the screws wee tightend down too hard because the crack is right through a screw hole (weak point)??

    We bought the glacier plow system, but the new Boss plow looks bad ***** and i'de buy that.

    We bought the versa winch which is cool and mounts on front but can be moved to the back of the machine also..

    We also have the double gun boots which are nice..

    We have a cab heater, but in winter we have found we still need to pull the cover off the motor to help heat the cab.

    we just bought a really nice gear trailer from Plaschem Supply in Anchorage.. Its the same color as our Ranger.. really nice.. double axle with top and gas can holders.. check them out

    And to pull it all we bought an over wheel 20ft flat trailer from aurora trailers in anchorage.. a really nice trailer.

    Finally.. be prepared to catch alot of sh** because folks always tell me i'm not ATV'ing anymore.. maybe they're just jelous..



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