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Thread: How bout Perry Massie's rocker box used on Prospecting America

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    Default How bout Perry Massie's rocker box used on Prospecting America

    anyone ever seen his video? He use a simple rocker box shaped like a rocking chair with a shaker box on it with a handle? he shoveled 10 buckets of sand...and poured them into the screener on top of it, rocked it in the surf, racked off the top big rocks, pull off the screen and there was a miners moss at the bottom of the box. They pulled it out and cleaned it...looked easy, simple adn cheap!...

    I don't know if hauling 10 buckets of rock to the surf on a 4 wheeler is easier than having to lift up the shovel to feed your regular beach box?...

    anyone ever used it?
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Default No

    Have not seen it but watched the video on his show. I don't know how affective it would be on beach placers.

    You are in a prime area though. Silver mine just north of you. Dredge between Koyuk and Shaktoolik. Gold mines north of Koyuk. You are is some prime gold areas. I taught in Elim and Shak.

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    Default I didnt see that episode....

    however I saw the one were it shows you how to build it, you can get the diagrams off there web site, at least thats what they said

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    I wouldn't mess with a rocker box on the beach. Unless your just doing it for fun.

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    Default Yeah, after seeing the other videos, i think I'm gonna stay with something wide..

    yeah, i want to do the best I can...

    the buzzard video pretty much sold me on the wide box.....and putting the henry/henry at the end of it will tell me howwell my sluice materials are doing...and about my water flow....

    then I can play with the astro turf, moss, carpet and ribbed material....

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    The HenryHenry's at the end of the box are a good idea. With beach gold anything you can do to save a little more will sure help....


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