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Thread: question on plastic boots

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    Default question on plastic boots

    i've seen a few threads on plastic vs. leather for mountian hunting. Does anyone use their plastic boots for non-mountain hunting? Area we moose hunt involves a fair amount of climbing each day. thanks.

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    Default plastic boots

    In my opinion plastic boots suck for walking any long distance. What they excel at is climbing steep terrain and side hilling. That is why I choose to not wear them while hunting anything but the toughest sheep.

    In order for me to walk comfortably any length of flat ground I must loosen up the top laces to allow a little ankle movement.

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    I second what AKhunter said. Plastic boots are excellent for climbing steep terrain, but are horrible on flat land. On semi-steep land, I don't think I have a preference. I have both kinds and the plastic are definetly "special purpose". I would go with leather for moose hunting, that's what I do.

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    Last year was my first experience with plastics. I concur with the above posts. I sure did like them in the steeps, etc. But walking up a creek drainage on round rocks is pretty interesting. Since the boots have so much lateral stability they tend to throw your leg/knees left or right as the boot "rolls" on the rocks. I definitely cannot hike as fast with the plastics in that kind of stuff. I got used to it after a while and learned to "roll" with it But, with good gators I could "wade" a little deeper a little longer and still have dry feet. Bottom line is I like them for what they are made for, but my leathers are more comfy in gentler terrain. I did not wear them moose hunting and I hunt in the hills.
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