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Thread: Ferry to Valdez? Valdez to Cordova?

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    Default Ferry to Valdez? Valdez to Cordova?

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to visit Valdez, not just for fishing, but because I was told its beautiful. Not sure where to ask this, but, Is it really worth the trip? Is it very different from lets say, Whittier? I mean in terms of sightseeing?

    Also, what about Cordova? Is that worth it for sightseeing? How about fishing without a boat?

    I just wanted to know who has taken the ferry from Whittier to Valdez?
    How much does it cost with an automobile? How long?
    How about Valdez to Cordova?


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    Default Look at this

    Here is the web site for the Alaska ferry system. I have made the trip in my boat and I love it. Either way, Whittier to Val., Val. to Cor. it is a pretty trip.

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    Summertime will have two ferry boats operating, the Aurora and the Chenega. The Chenega is the fast ferry and will hit all three most days except Tuesday then it is only Whittier - Cordova. The ports the Chenega hits alternates between Whittier and Valdez, but always beginning and ending in Cordova where it overnights. The Aurora goes between Valdez and Whittier mostly and goes to Cordova on Tuesdays and is much slower. (Chenega 35 knots, Aurora - 15 knots.) Valdez and Cordova are both, much better than Whittier in my opinion. Both have great fishing and hunting around them. Going to Cordova, you gotta make a trip to Child's Glacier near the end of the road as house sized chunks of ice drop into the Copper River and the amount of wildlife you'll see is pretty amazing, I like to look and hunt waterfowl myself so I always like looking at the geese. I spend a lot time in Cordova and if you're not an outdoorsy kinda person, you won't like it, but since you're in this forum I'm sure you'll like it very much. Valdez has more charters and quite a bit of history. I've only been there passing through on the Chenega or when I was working on tankers.

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    Default On to Valdez...

    The ferry trip with auto to Valdez is a stunner. I did it years ago before the Whitter Tunnel was open to vehicles, and a flat-bed railroad car carried me to Whittier out of Portage.

    Once I spent time in Valdez, I then returned to Anchorage via the highway system.

    It's all beautiful and a great adventure.

    It is also costly and requires advance reservations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waldo2382 View Post
    (Chenega 35 knots, Aurora - 15 knots.)

    I finished off a trip around the state last year with a ferry trip from Valdez to Whittier. It is a great ride. I suggest taking the slower boat, I got this advice in valdez and am glad I took it. With the slower boat you can enjoy the scenery/wildlife for twice as long. A glacier/sea life cruise will cost the same as a ferry trip and not be as productive. Absolutely do it and snjoy visiting valdez or cordova.
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    Default Valdez is a must!

    I've taken the ferry from Whittier to Valdez, and I've driven to Valdez a number of times from Anchorage and Fairbanks. Any way you go, it's pretty. Keystone Canyon on the drive is worth more than a casual glance. If you can get off the ferry and drive up the road to the Valdez Glacier, there's a pretty campground adjacent. The port doesn't stink like Seward's, the mountains and views are among the prettiest in Alaska. There are hikes that follow old trails and wagon roads, and the Mineral Creek area is superb! I took the slower ferry, about 6 hours, and wore my eyes out staring at the amazing scenery. I saw a lot of wildlife from the boat, and in/around Valdez. It's become one of my favorite Alaskan places.

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    If you want the experience of a PWS ferry trip and want to save some $ I highly suggest driving to Valdez and taking the ferry round trip to Cordova with your vehicle. Then you have your vehicle to use to drive out to the Million Dollar Bridge.

    Don't miss Childs Glacier. Having a glacier calf right in front of you is even better than seeing the Columbia glacier calf from the ferry.

    The best timing is during the silver run. In addition to the silvers, the berry picking is absolutely amazing.

    Cordova is one of Alaska's best kept secrets..............

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    Hey Mark! Thanks! I just sent you a pm.

    Does anyone know what the runs are like in Cordova? I think I will be there the second week of July, but might return/only go - during August if there is good silver fishing run for shore bound bums like me.


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    Cordova. Love it. Worked there on the 'slime line' after high school. Cool small town without the touristas.

    Cordova is a commercial fishing town. Locals don't seem to cotton to people sport fishing 'their' fish. Had a really strong feeling they did not want us there.

    Cordova is not a place that is friendly to anglers. The fishing is OK on the Eyak and a river or two outside of town (Reds & silvers in season). But we were constantly watched by the town police, State Troopers and Forest Service cops.

    We were constantly being glassed and checked by the various cops.

    Why? Because we were some of the few sport fishermen in town. Cordova is so isolated that these cops don't have anything better to do than to hassle you.

    Having locals yell at you when fishing at the outlet of Eyak lake is not comforting either.

    Million dollar bridge trip and the glacier are very cool. Town is neat and the vistas wonderful.

    Just don't expect to feel a lot of welcome from the locals when fishing.



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