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Thread: question about customizing canoes/kayak

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    Question question about customizing canoes/kayak

    I have a question. say you have a canoe or kayak but you dont have time on your hands to put attachments on it, like fish finder, permanant gps anntenae, hand warmers, lights for night navagation, and what ever you wanted electricly. would you pay someone to do this for you? this is a non scientific poll just fielding an idea is all.
    thank you for stopping and reading. and giving an honest answer.

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    Default NO

    I would want to know about every detail of how it is installed, so I could do field repairs and trouble shoot.
    Water and electronic goodies do not always go hand in hand... so you are going to have problems at some time. Or should I say .. all the time...
    also.. Its just alot of satisfaction in pimping your own ride to let someone else do it.... so I would find the time....
    Also you did not mention the LED motion lights iluminating from under the boat, so the fish can watch the show,,, also satelite dish so you can watch the game from prince william sound.
    I mean,, I imagine that old Nanook of the north would have done it if he had the technology back in 1900................NOT....
    but in all seriousness.... If something is going to be added to my craft, I want to be fully involved in running the power drill...
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    I agree, I would want to be the installer so that if something goes wrong there is no question as to how it was installed. I might get advice from outside sources but I would be the one to do any modifications. I'm just a DIY kinda guy. If you need help or advice there are plenty of people here on the forums with collective experience to help with almost anything.....


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