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Thread: Lazer Sighters?

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    Was looking through Cabela's catalog today and noticed they sell cartridges with built in lazers for "Pin point accuraccy with no bullets required," does anyone know if these things work right or at what distance they can be effective to?

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    It's just a boresight, so you'll get a red dot on the target that is an absolute straight shot from the barrel. It will allow you to get your sights on the paper, but you'll still have to fire live ammo to finish sighting in and account for trajectory, etc. In daylight, you might not be able to see the dot further out than 10 yards. If you shade the target and/or use a reflector as your target, you'll get much longer range. In low light, you should be able to see the dot at 100 yards on a bright, reflective background.
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    Pard just got one made by "Lazerlyte". Has adapters to fit from .22 to .50. It comes with a reflective target for daylight sighting. The target is WAY too bright indoors!

    Bore sighted last night on a wall about 30' (10 yd minimum). Still need to go kill distant paper.


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