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Thread: Honda Rancher tire/rim size question

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    Default Honda Rancher tire/rim size question

    What size and kind of mud tire have you Honda Rancher 350 folks put on your machines??

    I have a 05 Honda Rancher 350 ES. I want to get a good deep lugged mud tire for "sticky" situations. I was looking at a 25" tall tire in the ITP Mudlite XL's but they only come in 25x12x11 for the rear which is probably too wide for my stock rear wheels?? Anyone put these tires on a rancher with 11x7 rear wheels?? Any other mud tire you recommend for this size rear wheel??


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    I have 27x12x12 and 27x9 Blackwater XT's on my wife's rancher. The tires are just too tall for this machine, but so be it. With tires 11-12 inches wide in the rear there's a chance the inner tire will rub on the exhaust heat shield. Something to keep in mind. If it does rub a small section can be cut out of the heat shield so there is no contact.

    Unless you ride mostly mud there's really no reason to go with a true mud tire, IMO. If you ride maybe 50% mud 50% trails go with a good all around tire. Bugs, MST's, Witches, 589's, lites, XTR's, and the list goes on.

    Also check the diameter of your rims. Ranchers usually come with rims 11 inches in diameter unless Honda changed something in the past few years. If you move up to a 12 in rim you will not be so limited in tire choice.

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    I ran the mud lites in 25's but not the xl's. Not sure how the 12 inch wide tires will fit. i recommend getting different rims and getting the tire you want. The rear rims really limit the tire selection.

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    Buy 12 inch rims for the back, it will increase your selection of tires. Also, I wouldn't go with anything bigger than 26" and preferably 25".


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