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Thread: HH Impertech sizing

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    Default HH Impertech sizing

    What size do you wear and how big are you? I am going to get a jacket and maybe pants (I am thinking about just getting the jacket and saving a few bucks and using other pants, any input?).

    I am 5'-11", 160 lbs plus/minus 5 lbs. I have a 31" waste. Arms & shoulders bigger then most my size. I am debating what size to get, I want a little big since this will be for a spring POW bear hunt and future AK moose, and bou hunts. Likely it will be cooler and there will be a layers underneath.

    However I may bowhunt so oversized is not really good.

    Thanks, Don

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    I bought some yesterday at Boondock in Eagle River. I don't know if you are in the ANC/ER area but I can't recommend them enough. I can't speak to your size cuz I am a lot bigger... I for me the xl delux jacket fit comfortable everywhere except the bottom of the jacket which hang down mid thigh didn't have enough give to allow me a full stride. I went 2x jacket and 1x bibs and I am 6'5" and 250lbs. I would hazard a guess that you would be fine with a large/large but if you can get to Boondock's and try them on that is your best bet!

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    Default go big

    When I purchase Impertech...I buy big. I generally wear either large or X-Lg. But when I get that rain-gear I get XX-Lg. I prefer the extra length in both the back and the sleeves, especially when sitting on a wet hillside after forgetting a sittin-pad, and when rafting in the rain. I also prefer the bib bottoms. Better, higher protection when fleshing pelts, capes, especially those occasional stinking bear pelts (from bears rolling on putrid meat).

    At the end of any trip, remember to hang and dry out your impertech. Whenever I forget and put it away wet for a week....then I get to purchase new impertech.

    Dennis B

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    I'm the same size you are and wear a LG jacket and M pants.
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    Default Size

    I am similarly-sized, at about 5'11", 170# and ~30" waist and I comfortably wear the small jacket with room to layer (UA coldgear and fleece or MicroPuff). As for pants I wear the small, but I have trouble keeping them in place if I am wearing a backpack. A friend solved a similar ailment buy buying medium/large pants and cinching the crud out of the waist. Bottom line, I don't think Impertech is made for skinny people! I love the jacket though.



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