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Thread: Low silver counts

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    Default Low silver counts

    I pulled up the Anchorage Daily newspaper online and was dissappointed to read several articles of the low counts for silvers so far this year. Some calling it the lowest since 1999. My question is can anyone there confirm this and is there a chance this can turn arround? I was hoping to be in Homer in August for some silver fishing. Thanks Flyrod

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    Default The silver thread...

    The report issued by ADF&G on 03/10/08 indicated a projected state-wide harvest of silvers at 441 thousand fish.

    This is a lower projection than in previous years substantiated by a longer and stronger winter.

    Don't let it bother you. Show up with the right gear, right technique, and a mindset that a portion of those 441,000 are going to wind up on the end of your line, and you will be right on.

    In my opinion, there simply is no other way to deal with the forecast than to stitch that silver thread into becoming the dinner napkin that lies next to your serving of coho that you caught...


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