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    My skis go one way, the handle bars sort of go the other way on my 02 RMK. The dealer showed me what the junction looks like that I need to adjust and told me it was behind the engine. How in the heck do I get to it? Do I need to start ripping stuff out or is there an easy way to get to the adjustment.

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    Assuming your ski alignment is correct you should be able to adjust the steering column with the short tie rod at the bottom of the column. This tie rod attaches between the column bellcrank and the steering bar the runs between the shock towers inside to cowl. Loosen both tie rod ends and turn the rod to lengthen or shorten it as required. You'll easily see the handlebar position changing as you turn the rod.

    If your steering column is twisted you may find yourself short on adjustment. Changing a twisted column isn't too tough but it isn't a common problem.


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