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Thread: Wind Turbine??

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    Question Wind Turbine??

    Well its offical I am the proud new owner of a Coastal Lodge in SE Alaska. As of this evening my new facality is completely beat to hell and gutted by locals that didnt seem to care about anything. Guess I got what I paid for.

    I have been to this Lodge many times during its Prime and couldnt get by the constant echo of that **** Generator.

    So heres my question.

    The main lodge is about 6000sq ft and it has 4 exterior cabins for guests and two bunk houses for guides and camp hands. It has a total carrying capacity of about 35-40 people.

    I am looking for an economic version of a wind turbine that will support basic living, not excess. Have any of you used any of them and if so what are your suggestions?
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    Default Wind Generators

    Wind generators on the coast can be very effeceint and useful. There are many quality generators which will work for your needs. What you should do is determine how much power you need in each cabin and the main lodge. Then you can begin your search for the proper generators.
    My suggestion would be since the cabins will need only modest power, lights,etc. By using LED lighting you could operate the cabins off 12 volt as these lights are low draw.
    The main lodge could be run off a battery bank, which could be charged by a series of wind chargers and some solar panels, with a diesel generator as back-up( it would never run more than 3-4 hours a day), run that power into the lodges power center via an inverter and you have power. Yes you an get 240 if you want.
    Instead of one large wind generator, consider 4 units which produce 1 1/2 times as much power. That way if mother nature damages a generator your not totally in the dark and listening to a generator scream. Don't necessarily buy all the same generators either. Purchase one that starts in lower wind speeds, a couple that charge in medium wind speeds and one that likes high winds, that way you will produce power regardless.
    Supplimental power can be made with a solar panel bank, providing you have a southerly exposure.
    IF a swift running stream exists near your lodge a hydro-electric generator is available which would make continous reliable power.
    Congrats on your new lodge !! RON
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    Here's some links for some on ebay. You can build your own axial flux generator; it's easy! That's what I'm going to do when I get my place off grid.


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