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    Default Atv Rims

    Does anyone know of good quality replacement rims for a Kawasaki Prarie 360? My rims are a bit bent up around the edges and they're now starting to leak air. I don't want anything to weigh so much that i sink to the bottom of every soft spot, but somewhere between the weak stock rims and super heavy high dollar rims, there has to be a medium. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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    Take a look at the ITP rims. Last time I checked they were cheaper than stock one and better and lighter too.


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    Default Aluminum Rims...

    has anyone had a problem with them breaking or cracking where a steel/factory rim wouldn't?
    My rims are so beat up, if I took the tires off and ran on blacktop it would shake my teeth out! But they do still hold air
    I've hesitated getting lighter rims because of this.
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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    Mike, I used to work for a dealer and the ITP rims are actually stronger than the stock steel rims. From my experience anyway.



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