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Thread: Help Hunting The King Salmon River Area

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    Default Help Hunting The King Salmon River Area

    Looking for someone that has hunted or has information about the King Salmon River area in unit 17B would like to set up a call. Would like as much info about this area. Is it a good Griz area and Moose. Our first time in this unit.

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    Default King Salmon area

    When are you going-spring/fall? For what species? And with which Outfitter?

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    Default King Salmon Area

    My son-inlaw is a resident we planned on using Jerry Ball to fly us in. Freshwater Adventures I think.
    We are going up mainly for Griz and if we have time maybe moose off the 2 mile limit.
    We will have a boat and motor rented. We will be able to move at will.
    This will be our first hunt in this area. If this area is way to crowded we would be open to suggestions of areas in 17B.

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    Default King Salmon

    It's been a few years since I hunted the King Salmon (2002), but there were bears and good bear country there in 02. We saw a couple of nice griz and a blackie, and (while hunting for moose) got into a couple of thick spots where I could literally smell bears, but we didn't see them (not really unhappy about that).

    There is a fair amount of traffic along the King Salmon during moose season, so don't think that you'll be on your own; like anywhere else, if you leave the river edge you'll leave a lot of traffic behind. We were about 45-60 minutes upriver from the confluence with the Nush, which might be where Freshwater plans to drop you off. I'm not sure what the traffic is like farther upriver, perhaps others can tell you.

    In 02 the river did get pretty low, a lot of spots where the boat hit botton or we had to drag it through riffles. Not sure what it's like now. There are quite a few places where Cubs can land on the ridges, so don't be surprised to see planes or camps up along the ridges...

    Pretty country, and lotsa fish too.

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    Default Moose

    One more thing - talk to your SIL, and make sure you want to shoot a moose 2 miles from the river, before trying it! Packing a caribou to the river edge from about 1/2 mile out was plenty of work, there's no way I would have wanted to schlep a moose 2 miles through some of the tussocks and boggy country we encountered. Just my .02, but something to consider, packing a moose 2 miles isn't a picnic!

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    Default KS River

    I hunted there 2001-03. Unless things have changed regulatory wise,
    moose season closes 5 days before bear season opens. Killed moose through those
    dates and could have killed grizzlies if the season were open.

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    Default better know what your doing

    sent you a pm and feel free to call,the king can be a nasty river when low,hunted it for a number of years.make sure someone knows how to drive a skiff and not to sound stupid but make sure you are renting a jet,make sure you have enough gas to burn ten galls a day if you plan to hunt hard,plenty of bear nuk-(native for shi-)or sea spar.rain can have its toll up there so be prepard with good rain gear that does not breathe and filter system for the gas.bear opens the tenth of sept.advise on were to hunt will depend on time you will be there.


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