Advice needed:
I recently upgraded the engine on my Tracker Grizzly 1754 (20" Transom)from a 40HP 4-stroke prop to a 65 2-stroke jet. I am concerned about the weight difference on the transom. The 40 weighs 240lbs and the 65 jet weighs 315lbs. I need to raise the jet up 5" - so my 1st thought was to use a jack plate (which I already have). After thinking about it a little more I have decided that using the jack plate will add even more weight as well as causing a lot more stress on the transom. So, those of you out there that have made custom transom risers - what have you used? Or does anyone have a good recomendation for someone (Between Anchorage and the Valley) that does this for a fair price?
Thanks in advance!