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Thread: 6pack vs 14pack

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    Default 6pack vs 14pack

    Hi guys,

    Simple question. I think I may know the answer, but Ill get your input.

    Im going to charter a boat.

    Would you assume that a boat that holds 14 people is less 'bumpy' than one that holds 6?

    Asking for my woman.

    Thanks a million

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    The bigger boats for the most part are nicer, have more room for guests, and while you wouldn't think it, more fishing room. The downside: some of them are very slow getting to the fishing grounds if you are going way out. If you they are going somewhere close in, who cares. Oh yeah, they are more stable and probably rock and roll a little less. Now, if you do some research, there are some boats in Seward that have been recently re-powered that will get out just about as fast as some of the 6 pack boats. I think they are Fishhouse Boats (the one of 2 charter booking agencies down their that I know about). I remember I was cruising about 20 mph last year and one of their big 40 some footers passed me. The bright side: they led me to a really good chicken hole that I didn't know about.

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    Default Delta 20 packs fly!

    Ask what kind of boat it is your going on. Those big Delta's out of Seward flat out fly, those charter guys don't mess around if they want to get everyones fish and they have to go far to do it!

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    Default Speed vs ride

    You have to match the speed, size, and the distance that you have to go to catch good fish vs ride. Many of the newer six pack boats cruise between 30KT to 34Kts and give a decent ride in ruff sea's. Speed equals great distance and more fishing time. The larger boats have more deck space, seating capacity, and usually ride better.The boats that I currently own three boats.. Boat1. 1993 Custom built Marian 30ft by 10ft twin 5.0 Mercruiser Stern drives 50 Kt top end cruise at 34Kt.... Rides good calm water will beat you up 2ft chop Boat 2. 1977 North Wind 38ft custom built Fiber Glass 12 ft beam Top speed 25 Kt cruise 21 Kts great ruff water boat large back deck was certified for 12 but need engines down side to slow Boat 3. 2007 ColdWater over all lenght 38ft bt 10.5 ft wide top speed 36.5 Kts cruise 30 Kts large back deck 11 by 10. Boat is not as fast as boat 1 does not have the deck space of boat 2 but beats both boats when combined for speed, ride, and fuel economy. The distance you have to travel to good fishing will be a big factor. I like the 6 packs better because most of the people that book the boat come in as a group.

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    Either choice puts you on the fish most days. I would do both.

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    Having worked deckhanding on a '14 pack' charter out of Homer a several~few years ago what size charter you go out on depends on the amount of personalized service you expect on a chartered trip. the 6 pack charters boats are more apt to give better service overall than the larger boats can.

    on a full six-pack you have the capt and most ofter a 3:1 on the service (ie three clients to one crewman )

    Party boats (ie 14-pack) can typically accommodate as many as 16 clients and have no more than three deckhands (typically two) plus the capt who most often is behind the wheel so 5:1 or even 8:1 on the service.

    If that all makes sense

    Yes, the larger boats are more stable, but the 6-pack guys are quicker and more often fill their quotas sooner leaving more time putt around which is enjoyable in and of itself.
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