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Thread: Adequite Motor Power For Kenai

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    Default Adequite Motor Power For Kenai

    Later down the road when im 17 or so I plan on picking up an alaskan series inflatable - most likely a 12-14' boat with motor transom and optional rowing abilitiy ( Really cool setup and cheap boat at the sportsmans show by the way ) One thing I'm looking to learn is what horsepower do you think would be enough for running a 12-14' inflatable with 1-4 guys in it? I know theres a lot of variables especially with the wide range of people, but trying to get in a ballpark area

    Edit- When I say Kenai I mean the general kenai keys area and also dipnetting area


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    Default 25 4-stroke Yamaha

    We don't have the rig you're considering, but we've got a 16' alum jonboat for the Kenai with the 25. With 3 big guys (all over 200 lbs), gear, cooler, food, extra gas, etc. the boat scoots pretty well; we get passed quite often, but the motor is quiet, economical (even loaded). I think the 25 would be perfect especially if you're considering 3-4 guys.

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    I think a 25 would work ok. But I would rather have about 35-40. You never know when you might take the darn thing moose/bear hunting.....


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