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Thread: Question about Nome beach, camping, thiefs, etc..

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    Default Question about Nome beach, camping, thiefs, etc..

    Ok, it seems that I can camp on the Nome beach, east end, for free in my tent...park my 4 wheeler there with a trailer to haul mystuff around....correct?

    Can I start running the beach box at the end of april? or is there ice still there?

    are there thiefs? do I need ot find a place to lock my stuff up at? Make me a covered trailer?....

    will my sleeping bag, etc be safe in my tent when I go to town?....

    Bears on the beach?

    Are the other older miners there pretty nicce and will they help me out to get started, or, is it everyone man for himself?

    If I could get a 25 hp motor for my flat bottom 18x 4ft alweld, would that be of any use there?

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Alot of info on nome gold here



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