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Thread: I'll use Stiffnecks beachbox, but what about 2nd cleanup?

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    Default I'll use Stiffnecks beachbox, but what about 2nd cleanup?

    Ok, So, I'll use Stiffnecks beach box and I'll experiment with a few different materials like the astro turf, carpet, miners moss, etc...i'll get me a cheap, homelit water pump for $100 plus on ebay....enough hose to reach the surf and keep me out of water spray will be adjustable and be pointing up....

    **NOT sure on how much to let my upper hopper hang over my lower hopper??? I need some more detailed pics if you guys got em...

    Now, what about my secondary clean up? I think i get it that after I run the beach box for several hours, pull the carpet and turf out, wash out in a bucket...I'll have 'black sand mixed with gold'?......then run through a micro sluice,, magnet, gold genie, etc...

    I have seen some pretty cheap micro sluice, the gold genie is not bad, especially the hand crank that you can ad a motor to later on...I don't mind spending F$200 to $300 bucks here...i'm trying to stay around $500 for the first invstment on beach box and 2nd clean up...

    I'm i getting tehe process correct?....with 1st and secondary processes?

    thanks for your guys help...
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Default blue bowl

    I have heard alot of good things and it seems fairly affordable compared to other options

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    Since your going to have all winter to work your concentrates try to find one of the micro-sluice's. And get that brand name, not a knock off. You can set them up right in your living room and run the concentrates while your watch TV....


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