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    I was wonder why you dog drivers don't ware reflective bibs are coats
    will mushing on shared trails, even on the iditarod, every body drops there
    white number bids around Yentna station ,that when it starts to get dark. It seems most musher's ware darking clothing .
    I have respectively shared trails with musher's on rivers and trails ,but have know the musher's were on the trail and had a hard time seeing them coming up from behind. I am not going fast and our snow machines are quite running.
    It has even scared me when all the sudden a head lamp turns around and looks at me.
    I respect you guys sport and love dogs ,just a thought I have been thinging about.
    Take care of your pups, Later............

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    Because I bought my coat from Value Village for $8 the first winter I was here and it doesn't have reflecting strips on it. Yep, that's pretty much it.
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    Mushers only wear the bibs until they get away from the start line and then take them off until they get to the last checkpoint. I agree though, reflective clothing is a good idea, especially from behind.


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