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Thread: Where to park for Cantwell?

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    Default Where to park for Cantwell?

    I am heading to Cantwell area this weekend, for the first time, to get some last minute riding in. I was told that there are certain areas that are off limits to parking on the parks because it is Native land. Where are safe places to park? Thanks

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    Just south of Cantwell there are big pullouts that you can park in and thats where a lot of riders go for late spring riding. Should fit your needs...

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    The first pullout north of the Igloo on the left is my favorite. Head east into the East fork of the Chulitna Drainage, you stay off of private property this way. You can also park at the Igloo, go south just a little bit and cross the highway. Follow the road in from there for more riding in the Colorado area.

    Ahtna lands start at about Mile 191.5 on the Parks highway. This link will show you where permits are here


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