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Thread: 08 Yamaha Bravo

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    Default 08 Yamaha Bravo

    I'm realitivly new to ski-dooin and just gotta new 08 yamaha bravo. Just wondering if anyone could tell me the ups and downs to this kinda snowmobile. I was also wondering if someone could tell me if bar risers are possible for this and if so how to install em. Thanks


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    Well, I can tell you all of the downs, but I do not want to make you feel like you wasted your money.

    The best thing about the Bravo is the price.
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    Default Best value

    Best value per dollar out there except maybe a used Tundra in good shape. The Bravo is a great machine if you know it's limitations. Its reliable, simple to fix, hardly any maintenance. It's easy to unstuck cause its so light, you can pick up the back end and throw it around. Narrow ski stance and lightweight for maneuvering off trail in the woods. Starts second pull even at 30 below. Ummm...did I mention it's reliable?

    IT's limitations are that its probably not so good at water skipping, I wouldnt high mark with one (course I imagine thats not why you bought it anyway. If your looking for a top speed of about 38 on hardpack, your in luck. Not a super fast machine, but slow is fast when you dont break down along the way. I never saw the need to be going much faster than that on a snomachine anyway unless your trying to win the Iron dog or run down an iditarod team.


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