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Thread: Yamaha jet water pump

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    Default Yamaha jet water pump

    Ive had my 90 two seasons now and want to change my water pump. Its in the pump isnt it? Anybody use anything other than the stock rubber one?

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    Yes drop the jet you,ll see it there along the dive shaft, A Housing big as your fist, watch how the water pick up tube goes in the top, Very important to return it to the same hole on the reinstall! Also when you take housing apart watch witch way there impellers are folded, Kinda a off center thing there, For the Impeller itself They used to have like a heavy duty one,Came in a Kit, with stainlees steel sleeve, I always bought the best since i had the thing apart,Depends on what you find after 2 Yr,s What river you run how much sand in it! The big Su, has a lot, We ate the sleeves out,Per Yr,Old engine,s when they didn,t pump right we could take the impeller out flip it upside down bend the flippers the other way, Would getta home, They would crack On the bent side, sitting over the winter, also, some are smashed in that one side of the housing, You could watch the stream of water coming out of engine and it wouldn,t be solid, keep the old good parts,or Better yet buy a spare, Never Know when you may need them, Really not that hard,Just keep track way came apart,write down, take picture whatever it takes,

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    agreed about the pickup tube thing! It's really not a big deal once you do your first one. I found an "exploded" view of my mercury by searching online. This was a huge help the first time as a confidence booster. Didn't ever need it again as once you do it you see how easy it really is. Don't forget to use Loc-Tite on the bolts!


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