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Thread: Swarovski vs. Schmidt & Bender

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    Default Swarovski vs. Schmidt & Bender

    Didn't get many replies to my post so here is a new question. Looking at 1.56-X42 Swarovski PH or a 1.5-6X42 Zenith for a .375.

    Is the S&B really better? How much better if so? Any comments?

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    Default Swaro Vs S&B

    Schmidt and Benders are the superior scopes on the market today, However they are heavier than the Swaros. There is a difference in price with the S&B's just a little bit more. But you pay for what you get, got the 1.5 x6 x 42 Zenith with red dot reticles for my custom Nosler but haven't got it on yet...its too pretty to use. Wish I could get all S&B's for all my rifles, but just can't afford it.


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