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Thread: Freezing Moose Meat in Fairbanks Before Shipping

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    Default Freezing Moose Meat in Fairbanks Before Shipping

    Logistical questions. I've got a moose hunt going this fall. Sounds like the best plan is to freeze and box meat (or have large coolers) then take back as checked baggage, shipping gear back USPS. Where in Fairbanks can I get meat frozen and stored for a couple days? Thanks.

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    Default Freezing in Fairbanks

    Try your hotel or better yet shop around and find a bed and breakfast type accomodations to freeze meat. I think paying someone to freeze it will be costly, to the point that you could probably buy a freezer and leave it there.

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    Are you doing a remnote hunt with an air taxi? If so, some of them have freezer space available for their hunters...if not, AKFishon sounds like he's on the right track.


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