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Thread: Homer spit?

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    Default Homer spit?

    Hi guys,

    Im planning on renting a kayak in Homer in early July.

    I wanted to know/do two things with this Kayak.

    1) I was told that there are a few people who have caught halibut from the tip of the homer spit, with surf fishing gear. I would like to Kayak from the spit about 150 yards or so, and drop my bait, then paddle back to shore, and wait with my surf rod. I just dont know what the end of the spit looks like. Is that possible, or is the a big drop off??

    If you know of an area to jig or bait for halibut from the Kayak that is relatively safe, please let me know.

    2) Take a water taxi to China poot, or Jakalof, or Tutka. Has anyone kayak there specifically to fish? Is it pretty calm bays?

    Thanks a million.

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    First of all, send a PM to HomerDave. He runs a water taxi down there and is just a good guy. He'd be happy to tell you what you need to know, and if you decide on taking a taxi across the bay he'll treat you well.

    As for the end of the Spit, it's totally possible. You're more likely to catch flounder, irish lord, or pacific (grey) cod off the end of the spit, but halibut is a possibility. You might also try to kayak out a few hundred yards off the east (inside) side of the spit to drop a line off the kayak. You'll be more protected there from waves in most weather conditions.

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    Default protected bays

    the bays you listed are pretty much protected, and fish do come into them. Once our scouts had a spring camporee at jackalof bay. we had some kayaks and the boys fished. they caught Green ling cod, and some small halibut, irish lords kelp bass etc... One boy fished down near the old logging dock, and caught a 35 lb halibut.
    you can also clam at some of the bays for the butter clams.
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    check google earth to see what the end of the spit looks like ...not a whole lot of halibut off the end of the spit that I've ever seen or heard of (lived there almost 8 yrs)

    IF there was any there to catch it would be late july or so... you'll have better luck (and more enjoyment IMHO) going across the bay to kayak and catch fish.


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